For total fire zone protection like never before, We Have You Covered. SIStem TM Fireproofing. The Future of Fireproofing is Now!

Key Features:

  • Developed in partnership with 3M and independently tested for performance at Intertek Labs and Southwest Research Institute. Product reports, listings and systems are available here.
  • Highly effective, durable and lightweight blanket protection for items in fire zones, including structural steel, circuits, vessel skirts and piping.
  • Patent pending technology represents our 30+ years of fire resistive research and 20+ years of removable thermal insulation expertise.
  • Conforms to complex configurations.
  • Easy to install or remove, with minimal labor and time required. Limited access requirements. Limited project congestion.
  • Clean application process with no water required, no mixing, no dry time, no worries about applying proper thickness, no wire mesh or corner beads, and no weather application impact
  • Easily removed for inspection of steel after installation (CUI), maintenance or retrofit of protected items. Each piece is labeled for identification.

Typical Applications:

  • Structural steel
  • Vessel skirts
  • Block-outs
  • Sphere columns/legs
  • Cable trays
  • Circuit systems
  • Piping
  • Fireproofing maintenance repair
  • Electrical panel boxes
  • Cable tray fire breaks
  • Storage tanks

"SIS supports us in the maintenance fireproofing program with qualified blanket designers, technical support, blanket manufacturing and on time delivery to help meet our customers program expectations. Echo Maintenance utilizes the SIStem fireproofing blankets as an innovative cost effective maintenance solution for damaged fireproofing repair for our client."

Mike Roebuck, President
Echo Maintenance, Inc.

The SIStem fireproofing blankets provided many project attributes compared to traditional fireproofing: lower installed cost, project schedule enhancements, limited worker congestion, reduced manpower and access savings. Additionally, the installation of SIStem was not impacted by weather conditions.

Michael Gedrose
Weston Incorporated


Best Used For:

  • Providing high-performance passive fire protection of industrial equipment in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Protecting all equipment with a single, effective product.
  • Helping avoid lost production and safeguarding personnel and physical assets.

How it Works:

The Endothermic Blanket Mat (E-Mat) is a material that has the property to absorb heat and releases a chemically bound water, creating a cooling effect.

The E-Mat is manufactured in a Teflon blanket to provide improved application characteristics and durability, including impact and abrasion resistance, plus weatherability of more than 30 years.


Owner: North Dakota Prairie Refinery

General Contractor: Bilfinger Weston

SIStem Fireproofing Blanket Installer: Industrial Process Insulations, Inc. SIStem Fireproofing Manufacturer & Provider: Specialty Insulation Solutions

SIStem Fireproofing Blanket Material Value: $2.9 Million


Specialty Insulation Solutions is committed to worker safety, environmental stewardship and being a good neighbor in the areas where we work and live. We incorporate sustainable practices into our processes in order to ensure we use our resources wisely.